What You Need to Know About Water Main Replacement

What You Need to Know About Water Main Replacement

For most homes in Victoria or Duncan BC, water mains are underground pipes that carry water from the city water mains or well systems to your home. If you have running water you have a water main. When your water main bursts or leaks it can cause serious damage to your home or cost you a fortune on your water bill.

Why do Water Mains Burst?

Water mains are usually underground, this makes them well protected from the elements and any major external stresses. However, they are still vulnerable to cracks and pinhole leaks.

The most common cases of water main leaks are as follows:

  • Digging or construction work
  • Corrosion or deterioration of the water main pipe (usually copper)
  • Freezing
  • Natural disasters like earthquakes

Although it is rare for your water main to leak, it does happen, usually to older water mains run in copper pipe which deteriorates over time.

What To Do When A Water Main Bursts?

When a water main breaks on your property remain calm, and call your plumber. The Clear Choice Plumbing offers emergency service, Call us ASAP if you are ever dealing with a flooding water main. While you are waiting for a plumber to arrive shut off your water, and do not drink your tap water or use the water at home.

How To Prevent Your Water Main From Breaking

It is almost impossible to know when your water main if going to burst. The typical causes we see on the island are corrosion to old copper water mains and accidents while digging. We suggest being proactive and having your water main inspected by a certified plumber. The Clear Choice Plumbing offers water main repair and if necessary, replacement.

Call Your Plumber

If you notice an unusually high water bill or have any other signs of a water main leak call a plumber asap. The Clear Choice Plumbing can provide emergency service if necessary to repair or replace the water main fast and effectively. We also offer yearly plumbing inspections to help homeowners be proactive and prevent unnecessary property damage caused by floods. Call us today for plumbing service in Victoria and Duncan BC.