How to Use A Drain Snake

How to Use A Drain Snake

How to Use A Drain Snake

Using a drain snake can come in handy when you have a clogged sink in your home. You don’t always need to call in a plumber! You can often clear a clogged sink or tub/shower yourself with the proper tools. You can always call your local plumber to give you a hand if you get stuck or the blockage ends up being more stubborn than you can handle.

What Is a Drain Snake?

Drain snakes are long flexible cables that usually have a coiled rooter head at the very end to catch hair or other debris. Usually the cable is 1/8th to ¼” thick and is pushed through the drain by hand into the clogged drain. It is best to push it as far as possible into the clogged area as many times as needed. The head on the end of the cable will then be able to grab or push whatever is clogging the drain.

What are the Different Types of Drain Snakes?

Drain snakes usually come in a variety of types and sizes. Different sizes are used for different sizes of drains from 1.5” all the way up to 8”. They are similar in the sense that they use a long cable with a variety of head options depending on the clog. For some clogs, you may want to use an automatic rooter, especially difficult clogs that are a long way down the drain. Visit your local hardware store to look at all the options they have for drain rooters.

How to Use a Drain Snake, Step-By-Step

If you are unable to unclog a drain with a plunger, then you might need to use a drain snake. Here is how to use one:

  • 1 — Take apart the P-trap under the sink or unscrew the cleanout access cap in the drain (be careful to do this slowly as the drain may be full of water)
  • 2 — Push the snake directly into the drain until you feel it push against the clog (if you don’t feel any resistance then your rooter may not be long enough)
  • 3 — Rotate the snake. This will help tear apart the clog and push through it
  • 4 — Once it feels like you have pushed through it, slowly run hot water down the drain to see if you were successful
  • 5 — If the water flows you have successfully unclogged your drain! If the water collects then repeat the steps above.

If you repeat the steps without success then it is best to call your plumber to come and give you a hand. Plumbers should have a variety heads for any clog and proper power rooters to get the job done.

Call the Clear Choice Plumbing

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