Spring is finally here! The weather is warmer, and here in Victoria the rain is pouring down. Because of this, spring is one of the most intense times for your plumbing systems. Save yourself large costs and damage this spring by starting your spring plumbing care early! Below are a list of things that you should add to your spring to-do list to keep your plumbing in top shape.

  • If you have a sprinkler system, be sure to flush it out and check for leaks. Ideally sprinkler systems should be blown out before winter begins, so if you didn’t get a chance to do this before the cold weather hit make sure to do a thorough check for leaks!
  • Clean out your gutters! Gutters and downspouts cannot do their jobs if they are clogged with dead leaves, sticks, and other debris. Be sure to also check for cracks while you are cleaning them out.
  • If you have any outdoor drains on your property, such as on the patio, make sure that these drains are free of debris and allow water to flow easily. This is key to preventing pooling water and potential flooding.
  • If you have temporarily insulated your outdoor pipes or faucets for the winter months to avoid flooding, kudos to you! Springtime is a safe time to remove these extra protective layers.
  • As you bring out the garden hose for another year, make sure to check for splits, cracks, or leaks. This will give you time to replace your hose if needed before summer.
  • Show your water heater a little love! Drain and flush your water heater to help get rid of sediment build up. Also make sure to check the temperature and set it to where you like it. This is an annual chore that can be done any time of year, but it is good practice to do it while you are maintaining other plumbing systems.
  • Take a quick look at your washing machine and ice dispenser hoses if you have them to make sure there is no winter damage.
  • Springtime is the time for leaks! Check around your house (especially in crawl spaces or attics) for potential leaks.
  • Clean and unclog your dishwasher’s drain and sprayer arm.
  • It is also a great idea to have a yearly plumbing inspection! A plumber can help spot problems and make sure everything is running smoothly this spring.

If you need help with any of these to-do’s in your home, our Victoria plumbers are always ready to help! Give us a call today.