Happy summer! It’s time to enjoy the sunshine and relax in Victoria, which means you don’t want to be dealing with unexpected plumbing disasters. Since the whole family may be home more often, there may be some extra stress on your plumbing. Keep your plumbing running properly and efficiently this summer with our 5 summer plumbing tips below:

  1. Be Aware of What Goes in the Garbage DisposalThis summer you will probably be enjoying all sorts of treats from BBQ items to ice cream to summer salads. Never put grease down your drain or garbage disposal as it can clog up the pipes, and avoid putting produce down the garbage disposal. Hard fruits and vegetables such as watermelon or corn can damage the blades or cause a blockage. Always run the cold water for at least 15 seconds before and after putting something in the garbage disposal to flush the system properly.
  2. Avoid Extra Stress on Your Washing MachineWhen the kids are home all summer, there is likely more laundry to do with all of the extra bathing suits, towels, and muddy clothes! Make sure to give you washing machine a break in between loads of laundry, and inspect your machine​s hoses​ for kinks, leaks, or cracks regularly. It is recommended to replace your washing machine hoses every 3 years.
  3. Turn Down/Off Appliances While TravellingIf you will be heading out on vacation, turn your water heater down and your refrigerator up to save energy. Since no one is using hot water or the fridge while you are away, this will reduce the stress on your appliances and help them save you money!
  4. Check on Your Sewage SystemDue to the summer heat trees and plants in your yard are extra thirsty, roots from these plants may be able to break through older sewer lines to find nutrients and water. Have your sewer camera inspected to check for any signs of root damage. A quick camera of your sewer could prevent a major sewer back up in your home!
  5. Check Your ​Homes Water Pressure
    It is always a good idea to check your homes water pressure to make sure it is under 75 PSI. The pressure entering your home from the city can range anywhere

from 50 PSI to 200 PSI, however all of your appliances and fixtures are only rated for a maximum of 75 PSI. High pressure is a common cause for unexpected leaks from water lines and fixtures such as faucets, tubs and toilets. Have a licensed plumber install a pressure reducing valve to guarantee your home is safe!!

The best way to relax and have fun this summer while avoiding plumbing disasters is by having regular inspections and maintenance! Our team of Victoria BC plumbers can help you prevent problems by performing annual checks on your plumbing systems. Contact us today!