Avoid These Plumbing Emergencies in Nanaimo

Avoid These Plumbing Emergencies in Nanaimo

Plumbing emergencies are never fun, and here in Nanaimo the weather can cause flooding easily! Aside from flooding, emergencies such as pipe blockages or faulty pipes can happen at any time. One of the best ways to avoid these situations is to have your home properly inspected (especially if you have just moved in), but even then they can still happen. When they do happen, you need a team of plumbing professionals to help you mitigate the risk and save your home from further damage. Below are some examples of plumbing emergencies that we hope you never have to deal with!

Take a look at this playful emergency from Popular Mechanics:

“A casino in Arizona called for help with a backed-up sewer line. The clog was extensive and there was a big risk of the entire casino flooding with sewage. A tough job of deep digging and sawing eventually unearthed a small collection of train toys that had been flushed down the daycare toilet.”

Or these ones from Good Housekeeping:

“Days after big holidays like Thanksgiving are popular times for plumbers. The increased traffic in the bathroom from a rise in occupants at gatherings is usually the culprit. Though, sometimes, it’s something stranger. One woman tried to flush the remains of her Thanksgiving turkey down the toilet. She reportedly did so because she didn’t have a garbage disposal. Why she didn’t simply throw the turkey into the regular waste bin remains a Thanksgiving mystery.”

“A housekeeping company noticed what seemed to be a clogging issue, but when regular means failed, they realized the problem was far bigger and nightmarish than a run-of-the-mill plugged drain. After cutting out a portion of the living room ceiling, a small snake was discovered in a cracked pipe – followed by twenty snakes that slithered out of the ceiling!”

While it can be fun to read stories like these ones, you never think that it will happen to you. The reality is that plumbing emergencies in Nanaimo do happen, and sometimes you cannot control them. When they do happen to you, you can rest easy knowing that The Clear Choice Plumbing and our plumbers in Nanaimo are on your side. Our experienced and friendly team will tackle any plumbing issue, large or small. Don’t let emergencies like the ones above take over your life, call us today!